5 Kids Books Honoring Puerto Ricans

For Hispanic Heritage Month, we honor the courage, determination and creativity of the Puerto Rican people to reimagine and rebuild their island after Hurricane Maria by highlighting five kids books that capture their vibrant culture and rich history.  Schomburg introduces readers to Afro-Puerto Rican scholar and collector Arturo Schomburg. Schomburg began a lifelong quest to…
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Celebrating All Mothers

We see moms in the children's library on a daily basis—reading books, serving snacks, cleaning runny noses, performing puppet shows and creating masterpieces with their petite Picassos. Sometimes these "moms" are actually grandmas, caretakers, aunties and even men. Whoever they are, moms do what they do best—give love.   This year celebrate Mother's Day with…
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Top Picks: Judy Blume’s Books for Kids and Teens

In honor of Judy Blume’s 80th birthday on February 12, we're looking back at the author’s classic novels capturing the heartache and hilarious moments of childhood and adolescence. Although many of these classics were written in the 1970s and 1980s, the themes are timeless—dealing with a baby brother, confronting bullies and having a first crush…
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