Remembering Unforgettable Teachers for World Teachers’ Day

School has been in session for about a month now and students are undoubtedly sharing stories about their teachers. There's the funny teacher with great jokes, the strict one that gives a ton of homework and even the weird dresser. My most memorable teacher was Mr. O'Brien, my 7th grade teacher with a roaring laugh that matched his personality and red beard. He was tough as nails but with a gentle heart and I can still hear him say in his distinctive Irish accent, "Pedraza, you're making yourself small to please others. Stop it and be great."

Countries around the world celebrate World Teachers’ Day on October 5. Different from Teacher Appreciation Day, this holiday honors teachers and recognizes the challenges to the profession, such as cuts to vital resources, lower teacher salaries and restrictions on what they can teach. 

If you ever have doubts about the impact of teachers, here are some books with unforgettable teachers that will have you reminiscing and sharing stories in no time.

Ms. Kirby is Bobby's teacher and big problem at school. But what happens when they have a strange encounter outside of school? Find out in My Teacher Is A Monster! (no, I Am Not)!

Written by the powerhouse author and editor, Vashti Harrison, the acclaimed picture book, Big, shows the impact teachers and adults can have on a child’s self esteem. 

Mr. S is the funny and quirky story of a classroom looking for their teacher. When one never appears they begin to wonder if the sandwich on the desk could possibly be the teacher they're missing. 

No book list about teachers is complete without, My Weird School, by Dan Gutman. With titles such as Miss Small Is Off the Wall! and Mr. Louie Is Screwy! this series will have kids howling with laughter. 

Graphic novel lovers will be amused by the Mr. Wolf's Class, a series of books about the adventures of a special teacher and his 4th grade classroom.   

Tell us about your most memorable teacher! Who was the funniest, kindest or strictest?