Happy Birthday, Mr. White!

I was introduced to E.B. White in kindergarten when my mother read Charlotte’s Web to me. The story made an indelible impression on my younger self as it’s done for numerous readers. It was the first time that “author” held meaning for me. White’s impact on readers and future authors continues even today as we mark the 125th anniversary of his birthday.

Known for a spare but descriptive style, White was primarily an essayist for The New Yorker and Harper’s magazines. Yet his undying legacy are his three books for children, including Stuart Little and Trumpet of the Swan, that tenderly explore our human experience through the eyes of his barnyard “acquaintances."

Let's commemorate E.B. White with some of these titles featuring animal friends:

Some Writer! A lively biography detailing how White’s experiences and life shaped his writing, with an afterward by his granddaughter.

The One and Only Ivan: When a baby elephant arrives at his home in a shopping mall, Ivan the gorilla is determined to find a better life for them both.

A Boy Called Bat gets a chance to prove that he has what it takes to be a veterinarian when his family fosters a baby skunk.

Flora & Ulysses: Flora rescues a squirrel with amazing powers.

Babe, a piglet, is determined to show his worth as a sheepdog.