Library Laptop Use Guidelines

  • Laptops are available for in-house use by patrons with a current Chicago Public Library card and a current valid government-issued ID or current student ID.
  • Subject to availability, laptops may be borrowed for a maximum of two one-hour sessions a day.
  • Laptop use is not transferable. Borrowers must maintain the laptop in their immediate possession at all times during their reservation.
  • Laptops may not be removed from the library. Removing a laptop from the library will be considered theft, and the registered borrower could face criminal charges and/or the cost of repairs/replacement.
  • Laptops must not be left unattended.
  • Laptops must be returned immediately upon termination of the reservation.
  • CPL is not responsible for damage or loss incurred to the borrower’s data while the borrower is using the laptop.
  • Documents or downloads may not be saved to the laptop. Any data you wish to save must be saved to a flash drive or emailed to yourself.
  • Borrowers are responsible for complying with the Computer and Internet Use Guidelines.
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