Computer and Internet Use Guidelines

Use of another person’s library card number without that person’s permission is expressly forbidden and will be subject to prosecution.

Only computer equipment and software owned and previously installed by the Chicago Public Library may be used on CPL computers, with the exception of patron-owned flash drives, which may be used on all public access computers. Adding, deleting or modifying the installed hardware or software is not permitted. No personal files will be saved on the hard drive.

Internet access is available for information resources only. The Library does not provide chat software, newsgroup services or email accounts.

Laptop computers may be used in the library at your own risk provided the cords do not interfere with walkways or the use of the laptop does not alter the setup of any library equipment. The Chicago Public Library is not responsible for personal equipment plugged into electrical outlets at CPL locations. It is illegal to copy software programs protected under copyright law.

In the event of an equipment failure, Library staff will work with you to reschedule a time and/or offer alternative sources for information. The Library is not responsible for any damage or loss of data arising from the use of equipment, programs or other library materials.

Intentionally damaging software or equipment violates the Library’s Library Use Guidelines and may result in prosecution.

The Chicago Public Library provides public access to the Internet as a way of enhancing its existing collections with electronic resources from information networks around the world. While the Internet provides many valuable sources of information, users are reminded that some information on the Internet may not be accurate, complete, current or confidential. The Library has no control over the information on the Internet and cannot be held responsible for its content.

It is not within the purview of the Library to monitor access to or content of any resources for any segment of the population. Individuals are expected to use library computers in a responsible and courteous manner. The Chicago Public Library reserves the right to intervene when activities on a Library or personal device cause a disruption to library users or staff. We will call police when such activities violate local, state or federal laws.

Viewing child pornography is illegal and subject to federal and state prosecution.

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