I Never Want This Book to End

Have you ever read a book that makes you sad when it's over? I sure have. This happened to me most recently with Holly Goldberg Sloan's debut novel I'll Be There. It is a teen book that anyone can enjoy. The novel follows the lives of two young people, Emily and Sam, who come from completely different worlds. Emily has a loving home and family, while Sam has been dragged to multiple cities by his father, who abducted both him and his brother at a young age. When their lives intertwine, neither they nor their families are ever the same.

The coming-of-age story The Age of Miracles has an interesting premise that one day out of nowhere, the world starts slowing. This means that the 24-hour day keeps getting longer, and daylight and darkness do not coincide in regular time. People start dividing into clock-time and real-time followers, but among the confrontations of time, a sweet, sad story is told by a young woman looking back to when it all began.

The dark mystery The Thirteenth Tale threw me on an unknown winding road. When Margaret, a professional biographer, receives a personal request to write the biography of the prolific author Vida Winter, she is sent down a strange rabbit hole of intrigue to uncover the troubling story of Winter's life. This one left me guessing until the end.

What books do you wish never ended?