Graphic Novels and Manga for Sports Fans

Run, run, run! A little sweat never hurt anyone! The weather is heating up so grab your sweats, gulp down your favorite sports drink, and get sporty with these fun titles. 

For Shouta Kikuzato, life has taken quite a turn. A terrible accident cost him not only his right leg but also his dreams of starting on the school soccer team. In the cool manga Run on Your New Legs, Shouta crosses paths with Chidori, a local prosthetist who not only replaces his prosthetic leg but helps him regain the inspiration and confidence to reach his full potential. 

If at first, you don't succeed get back up and keep kicking! In Blue Lock, Japan's soccer team is struggling after a devastating defeat at the 2018 World Cup. Undeterred, they're looking for a fast, swift, and energetic striker who can help the team regain their glory. Yoichi Isagi believes he can do this. But, is he truly able?

Malcolm X once stated that if you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything. The powerful memoir Victory. Stand!, Gold medal sprinter Tommie Smith reflects on his childhood in rural Texas to his controversial Black Power salute at the 1968 Olympics. With the former, Smith recalls the pivotal moment, which remains one of the most iconic in American history.

With magic, anything is possible. In the beloved graphic novel Brooms, magic is forbidden in 1930s Mississippi. Best friends Billie Mae and Loretta, want nothing more than to leave the South for a place that allows them to practice magic freely. To do so, they compete in local races on broomsticks for money, much to the government's chagrin. Beautifully illustrated, written, and page-turning, this queer-themed graphic novel explores the power of friendship and revisits a dark time in history. 

Playing sports can bring out your competitive streak, and a romantic side. This is a lesson learned by Taiki and Chinatsu, two athletes and best friends in the romantic sports manga Blue Box. Taiki has always had a crush on Chinatsu, which slowly develops into a budding romance when she moves in with his family. Can they juggle their relationship and win their teams' respective championships?

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