Love Beyond Labels: Queer Stories for Young Hearts

Love is a beautiful thing. It has no bounds and can be experienced by everyone no matter who you are. Gay, straight, lesbian or queer, as long as you have an open heart there's nothing that can stop you. If love is the answer, let's take a look at some of the most interesting queer love stories.

Grief can be difficult and it has no timeline - just ask 17-year-old Coley. In Girls Like Girls, Coley is the new girl reeling over the death of her mother and romance is the last thing on her mind. However, things change when she meets Sonya, who opens her mind and heart to things she never thought were possible.

Breakups may be hard, and winning a game show is even harder. Put the two together and you're in for a challenge! No one knows that better than Shireen, the bright-eyed and headstrong baker in The Dos and Donuts of Love. After breaking up with her girlfriend Chris, Shireen focuses on working in her parent's donut shop when she is accepted to participate in a game show alongside her co-worker turned crush Niamh and - you guessed it - Chris! Things are heating up, and not just in the kitchen. 

Playing sports isn't just competitive, it teaches you about humility and redemption. This is a lesson that Valentina and Leticia learn in the sports comedy You Don't Have a Shot. After the two rivals have an altercation on the soccer field, they must co-captain a new team where their animosity blossoms into something more.

Can you keep a secret? Claire sure can. In the heartwarming novel Ode to My First Car, Claire is not only struggling with her bisexuality but also with her feelings for her best friend Sophia. However, Claire finds a confidence boost in the form of a nursing home patient who faced problems growing up gay in the 1950s and 1960s.

School can be hard. For Yami, attending Catholic school as a closeted lesbian is even harder. In The Lesbiana's Guide to Catholic School, Yami is juggling to stay true to her roots, keep her younger brother out of trouble and not fall in love with her openly gay classmate Bo. 

Do you have a favorite queer love story? Let us know in the comments.