5 Articles: Elvis Lives On

The 40th anniversary of Elvis' death is upon us. On August 16, 1977, Elvis Presley passed away, but the memorialization of the beloved king stays strong. Whether you're a die-hard fan or a casual listener, I would bet a hunk of burning love that you know something about the life or music of this iconic […]

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Top Picks: 8 Anne Tyler Books

Happy birthday, Anne Tyler! In honor of the acclaimed novelist's 75th birthday on October 25, I'm recommending top picks for seasoned fans or Anne Tyler newbies. Published in 1964, her first book, If Morning Ever Comes, began a long career of examining people's everyday lives through storied characters and the relationships they share. Fans are most likely familiar with her […]

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Suspenseful Debut Novels

I love reading debut novels because they always hold the hope of discovering a new author or a new voice. The only problem in finding a good one, though, is having to wait for more! The following debut novels offer a double whammy with stories full of psychological suspense and the suspense of waiting for the next […]

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Superb Short Stories

It's sometimes easy to overlook short stories because they often do not get as much attention as novels. Yet, every now and then I come across collections that blow me away and get me excited about short stories all over again. The eight stories in One More Year focus on the lives of immigrants in the […]

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Teen Titles Celebrating Asian American Heritage

Diverse titles can be hard to find, so to celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, I recommend the following stories, covering everything from being torn between two worlds to solving family mysteries and more. Born Confused shows what it feels like to be lost between two worlds. Dimple resists the traditional path of her parents for most […]

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