Thrillers for True Crime Fans

If you're a fan of true crime, you are probably fascinated by the dark side of human nature - and you've probably wondered what it would take to solve a mystery on your own. You are probably also aware that sometimes, using real stories for entertainment can cause unintended harm, while other times, putting a new spotlight on a case can be exactly what's needed to solve it. These twisty-turny mysteries explore all angles of the true crime phenomenon and I guarantee they are just as bingeable as your favorite shows and podcasts.

Thriller queen Holly Jackson needs no introduction and fans of A Good Girl's Guide to Murder will be just as captivated by her latest novel The Reappearance of Rachel Price. Sixteen years ago, Bel's mother disappeared without a trace and has long been presumed dead. But while the family is in the middle of filming a documentary about her disappearance, she suddenly reappears. Bel knows there's more to the story about what happened to her mother, and she's determined to solve the mystery, even if she puts herself in danger. 

Told from two perspectives, Delicious Monsters unravels the mystery around a haunted house. When Daisy and her mom inherit the Miracle Mansion, Daisy believes that her life is finally going to improve, but she quickly realizes there is something creepy about their new home. Ten years later, Brittany investigates the same mansion for her paranormal YouTube show. This slow-burn psychological thriller will reward readers who aren't afraid of the dark. 

At the beginning of The King Is Dead, James' father dies, and he is crowned the first Black king of England. James feels enormous pressure to live up to the expectations of his new role, including keeping his relationship with palace intern Jonathan a secret. However, the press is watching James' every move. When Jonathan disappears and palace secrets begin appearing in the tabloids, James has to figure out who he can trust and who might be trying to sabotage him. 

When Lydia gets an opportunity to make up missing credits by creating podcast content about her Ohio hometown, she invites her snarky classmate Bristal to help her. They decide to focus on an unsolved murder from the 1990s, but as they dig deeper into the case, they discover a bigger mystery that no one is talking about. A Long Stretch of Bad Days is a darkly funny page-turner with sharp social commentary about class privilege and feminism.

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