Trans Stories for Every Reader

This Pride Month, we're amplifying trans voices with recommendations in several different genres. These titles are a reminder that trans stories are just as complicated, interesting, and important as stories about anyone else. Whether you're a fan of romance, fantasy, historical fiction, horror, or sci-fi, there's a trans book for everyone, and that's something to celebrate!

In the classic romcom This Day Changes Everything, Abby and Leo's marching bands have been selected to play the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, but the trip to New York has bigger implications for both of them. Abby plans to tell her best friend Kat that she's in love with her, and Leo realizes that he will be outed as trans to his entire extended family on live TV. When the two of them accidentally get separated from their groups, their whirlwind adventure around the city becomes even more complicated when they start to fall for each other.

As the cover of Transmogrify! states, magic is for everyone! In this collection of fourteen short fantasy stories, trans and nonbinary characters take center stage. G. Haron Davis expresses in their foreword that their intention was to create a collection where trans teens will see themselves in the same fantasy worlds that have historically been solely occupied by cis characters. Hopefully, every reader will find a story that speaks to them in this charming and affirming collection.

Self-made Boys is a retelling of The Great Gatsby like no other. When trans boy Nick moves to West Egg to begin his Wall Street career, he is immediately drawn to his mysterious neighbor Jay, who is also trans and loves to throw lavish parties. However, Jay has feelings for Nick's cousin Daisy. Nick agrees to help Jay connect with Daisy, but as the two boys grow closer, Nick's feelings become more and more complicated.

In an alternate Victorian England where those with violet eyes can communicate with the dead, Silas is a trans autistic boy who dreams of becoming a surgeon. After he is caught attempting to pass as a boy to escape an arranged marriage, Silas is sent to a finishing school where girls have been steadily disappearing. As Silas works to solve the mystery, both his surgical skills and his medium abilities are put to the test. The Spirit Bares Its Teeth is a fresh twist on a classic horror story with an unforgettable protagonist.

When trans teen Jam accidentally bleeds on one of her mom's paintings, an enormous beast named Pet emerges and informs her that a real-life monster is threatening her utopic hometown. As Jam, Pet, and Jam's best friend Redemption go monster hunting, they discover that sometimes, monsters look just like regular people. Pet is highly recommended to fans of speculative fiction.