Pride In Your Fashion: Teen Books for Queer Radical Fair

The headlining moment of our July 25 Queer Radical Fair will be the runway debut of our teen fashion design interns. Fashion has often been a component of Pride celebrations because of its ability to serve as a conduit for self expression. In anticipation of this event, here are some teen books about expression through fashion.    

Not coincidentally, if I had to describe Christian Allaire’s The Power of Style using one word, it would be “Pride.” This is a short yet empowering read about embracing your culture and personality through expression. Hijabi fashion, Ojibwe ribbon work, men in heels, Afro-Latinx/Indigenous hairstyles, and more are celebrated in this image-filled handbook.

Cosplay (a portmanteau of costume + play) provides us everyday humans the chance to wear costumes inspired by our favorite characters, memes, and cultural moments. If your cosplay needs armor or props, The Costume Making Guide has got you covered! Author Svetlana Quindt (better known as KamuiCosplay) is one of the most prominent figures in the international cosplay community, and she’s a fantastic instructor as well.   

If you appreciate cosplay but you’re not looking to create your own, then you’ll be dazzled by Ryan La Sala’s Be Dazzled. This gay romcom serves up camp and Comic Con realness when Raffy (our delightfully sassy protagonist) must face off against his ex-boyfriend/nemesis in a high stakes cosplay competition.  

And lastly, if you’re a fan of manga, Boys Run the Riot is a story about friendship and entrepreneurship. When Ryo, a trans highschooler, realizes that new transfer student Jin has the same taste in fashion as himself, they decide to start their own street fashion label. This series follows the journey of their growing friendship and business.  

If you haven't registered for our Queer Radical Fair, you totally should!