Thrillers Set in Boarding Schools

Pencils? Check. Notebooks? Check? Fear of the unknown? DOUBLE CHECK! As summer ends, a new school year approaches and that means homework, teachers, friends and thrilling mysteries to be solved. We're going to take a look at popular thrillers that are set in boarding schools.

Every school is known for having a clique. At Bates Academy, the mean girls rule the school. In People Like Us, Kay Donovan is a soccer star who finds her life turned upside down when another student is found dead. Friends turn into enemies and everyone is a suspect.

There are some lessons you cannot learn in a book. This proves to be true in Nick Brooks's page-turning thriller Promise Boys. At the Urban Promise Prep School, students Trey, Ramon and J.B. join forces to solve the grisly murder of their principal and in the process learn about themselves as well.

Melissa de la Cruz's popular thriller The Headmaster's List teaches us learn that life can change in a single night. Spencer Sandoval learns this lesson the hard way when she finds herself at the center of a fatal car crash involving her close circle of prep school friends and ex-boyfriend.

It's not easy being the new kid in school, just ask Lia Setiawan, the protagonist of Jesse Sutanto's page-turning thriller The New Girl. A transfer student new to Daycott Academy, Lia learns that her new school isn't what she thought it would be. From a cheating ring to the discovery of a dead body, the lessons she's learning aren't coming from her textbooks.

Torrey-Wells Academy is not only powerful and prestigious, but mysterious as well. In the mystery novel They're Watching You, Maren Montgomery is determined to discover the truth about her best friend Polly's disappearance. When the police, headmistress and parents declare her a runaway, Maren learns that behind the school's doors is a high-stakes game that she must play to find her friend.

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