Tech Takeover: Books With AI Characters

It's in our homes, it drives our cars and can even do our homework. In a world of men, there is also a world of machines. From cellular phones to self-service kiosks, artificial intelligence is everywhere, even in the books we read.

Let's unwind with these technological titles with characters who are bound by their wires rather than their heartstrings.

In the streets of New Beijing, a deadly plague ravages the population of humans and androids alike. Unbeknownst to anyone, the world can be saved by none other than Cinder, a cyborg mechanic who must uncover secrets of her past to see a brighter, safer future. 

When you lose someone, it's impossible to replace them. Just ask Bailey, the grief-stricken protagonist of Message Not Found. After her best friend Vanessa dies in a car accident, Bailey creates a chatbot of Vanessa complete with archived text messages and emails. However, things aren't as they seem when the bot reveals a sinister side. Can Bailey uncover what truly happened to Vanessa against the bot's powerful influence?

Kady is learning that breakups are hard, but a planetary invasion is even harder! In the page-turning novel Illuminae, Kady must team up with her ex-boyfriend Ezra to survive a deadly plague and a faulty AI fleet that holds more questions than answers. 

In the world of bounty hunting, the stakes are higher than you think. No one knows this more than Emika Chen, a young bounty hunter struggling to make ends meet. To make some quick cash, she takes a risk and hacks into the popular game Warcross. As Emika's popularity and success grow, she discovers that not everything that glitters is gold.

Quinn is just your typical teen. He plays video games, spends time with friends and secretly has a crush on his best friend Shea. However, all isn't as it seems in the gripping novel Hard Wired. Quinn is an A.I.-themed robot who is part of a multi-million-dollar experiment. Undeterred, he embarks on a painfully challenging journey on what it means to truly live in a world not his own.

What are some of your favorite AI-themed books? Let us know in the comments below.