Hour of Code for Kids & Teens

Do you have one hour? Great! Help us celebrate Computer Science Education Week, December 7 -13, 2015, by trying an hour of code at one of our many fun coding programs for kids and teens, and while you're at it, use these books to get you coding for an hour... or more!

Get a better understanding of Awesome Algorithms and Creative Coding as you learn about how computers really work and try some easy and fun coding activities--no computer required!

Did you know you can learn How to Code in 10 Easy Lessons? Learn the basics of Scratch, a visual programming language, and make your own computer game in 10 easy steps.

There's more than one way to Learn to Program With Scratch! This comprehensive book explains all the features in detail using a variety of activities.

Help your Kids With Computer Coding by learning along with them in this colorful book that provides step-by-step exercises for kids and parents to try coding together using Scratch or Python.

You can learn a lot about coding in just one hour. I created my own Flappy Bird style game in even less than that. Play my Swimming Shark & Lasers game, see the code behind it, and then create your own game to share with friends and family. Code.org also has coding games and activities featuring your favorite characters from Minecraft, Star Wars and Frozen.

Share your favorite coding games and activities with us!