Books About Trans and Non-Binary Teens

There's been a lot of progress over the past few years in diverse representation in teen books, but it can still be difficult to find books that feature stories about transgender, gender fluid or non-binary teens. If you're looking for books that go outside the rigid box of old-school gender identity, here are some picks to check out.

If I Was your Girl by Meredith Russo is the first published book by a trans woman about a trans girl, and it's awesome. Amanda moves to a new town to start over and finds more than home and family—she finds herself. It's a sweet book full of heart with a Happily Ever After that made me cry happy tears.

If I Was Your Girl is available in other formats.

Lizard Radio by Pat Schmatz is all about being in between. Neither girl nor boy, neither good nor bad, not a leader nor a follower. Gender fluidity is at the center of the story, and it's so refreshing to see a non-binary character in a teen book.

Lizard Radio is available in other formats.

I Am J by Cris Beam is one of those books that gave me All. The. Feels. J's story of trying to get the world to see him for who he really is is heartbreaking and funny and beautiful and sad.

I Am J is available in other formats.

You may be familiar with the picture book I Am Jazz! about Jazz Jennings, a young trans activist. Well, Jazz is a teenager now, and her new book, Being Jazz, talks about life as a (transgender) teen. Jazz is still as full of energy and fire as ever, and I loved seeing a trans teen speaking up about her life.

Being Jazz is available in other formats.

What are your favorite books about trans, non-binary and/or gender fluid teens?