Teen Books to Get You Ready for The Prom Movie

Prom night may be a few months away, but The Prom—the film version of a Broadway musical about two girls who want to go to prom together and the washed-up Broadway stars who set out to help them—drops December 11 on Netflix. I can't wait for the star-studded cast (Meryl Streep and Kerry Washington for starters) to bring this delightful musical romp to my living room.

If you're also re-watching the trailer 27 times a day, here are some books to get you in the prom-going mood.

You Should See Me in A Crown by Leah Johnson follows Liz as she enters the prom queen race at her high school because the prize is enough scholarship money to go to her dream college. Along the way, she falls for another prom queen hopeful, Mack, who is everything Liz has ever dreamed of. Delightful and fun, this book is full of Black girl joy that will have you cheering for Liz on every page.

In We Were Promised Spotlights by Lindsay Sproul, Taylor Garland is that super pretty, popular girl that most envy and hate in equal measure. But Taylor doesn't want to stay in the small town that adores her. She doesn't want to marry the homecoming king to her queen. She's in love with her best friend, Susan. So now she has to find a way to ruin the perfect life she doesn't want.

How (not) to Ask A Boy to Prom by S.J. Goslee features Nolan Grant: 16, gay and (definitely) still a virgin. He's never had a boyfriend, or even been kissed. And when his sister arranges an elaborate prom-posal for him to ask out his crush… he freezes. If you like fake-dating and adorable endings, this delightful novel is for you!

What are your favorite prom books?