The Truth Is Out There: Teen Fiction Featuring Aliens

Do you believe in aliens? I think of them as a big “maybe.” The universe is huge! They could totally exist, but I’m not gonna worry about it. March 15 is World Contact Day, an event that asks humans to do the opposite—telepathically project a peaceful message for extraterrestrials into space.

Whether aliens exist in space, they are alive and well in teen fiction! Celebrate World Contact Day with these six books about alien invasion.

In Landscape with Invisible Hand, the vuuv conquered Earth with technology that replaced most human jobs. Food and medicine still cost money, so lacking other options Adam and his girlfriend support their families by broadcasting their romance a la 1950s-style dates to the aliens.

Landscape with Invisible Hand is available in multiple formats.

Eight years ago, the Derichet conquered Earth and forced humans to harvest the planet’s resources. Shattered Warrior’s hero, Colleen Cavenaugh, can help humanity recover—if she risks her family’s safety.

In Adaptation, Reese and David are driving home from a debate competition and get in a horrible car accident in the Nevada desert. A strange military hospital saves them, but afterward they both feel…different.

Adaptation is available in multiple formats.

Prez just wants to fit in with his new foster family, but then an alien walks through the front door! Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth asks Prez to save the planet by proving that it’s worth saving.

Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth is available in multiple formats.

In Knights of Sidonia, a manga series reminiscent of Pacific Rim, aliens have destroyed Earth but humans still live in space. Nagate Tanikaze grew up in the ship’s underbelly but emerges to become a pilot.

Everyone in Ultraviolet thinks Alison’s mental breakdown is tied to the disappearance of her classmate Tori Beaugrand, but the truth is so unbelievable, Alison has nowhere to turn—until she meets Dr. Faraday.

Ultraviolet is available in multiple formats.

Do you have a favorite alien invasion novel? Let us know in the comments!

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