Road Trip Through Time: Teen Fiction

Remember when you could send cute messages through a pager? You probably don't know what a pager is, do you? Oh, bummer. Wouldn't it be cool if you could travel through time and catch a glimpse of those funny little gadgets and get your hands on one just for funzies? Maybe? Well if you're not ready to pack your bags and go sight seeing into the past, you could sit back and relax with one of these books about cool time travelers.

Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier is a story about a quirky teen named Gwyneth who's feeling less than amazing. She doesn't run in the popular circle. She has a wonderful best friend, she does OK in school, she can talk to ghosts and she has a very interesting family line. Women in her family possess a time-traveling gene, which everyone thought perfect Charlotte would get because Sir Isaac Newton predicted it. Well, guess what. Mr. Newton needs to check his calculations because Gwyneth is prancing around through time with no idea of what to expect. With so much mystery around the time-traveling society and her past, Gwyneth needs to race against time to fulfill her destiny. This comedic, mystery drama will have you shrieking with delight.

In Opposite of Always, Jack meets Kate at a party and believes he has met his soulmate. She's amazing, charming and great. His best friends love her. But then she dies. Then she is back in his life? Jack has been transported back in time to the point where he meets Kate. She's alive, she's beautiful and happy, and then he loses her again. Jack is on a never-ending spiral, and he'll do his best to protect the people he loves, but not without consequences. If you're into Groundhog Day, you won't want to miss this.

In The Girl From Everywhere, Nix has lived aboard her father's ship all her life, navigating through centuries and across the world. So long as there's a map for it, they can sail there, real or imagined. What a great way to travel, don't you think? But there's a catch—her father is obsessed with obtaining a map that will take him back to 1868 Honolulu, back to his love, Nix's mother, despite the fact that it would mean erasing Nix from existence.