Teen Summer Projects: Websites to Support our Grab and Go Kits

Teens, start your summer off with some DIY grab and go kits. Every CPL location has a limited number of kits for you to make and take to help you complete your City of Stories Pick 4 Board.

Can't make it in to your local branch? You can replicate some of the kits with items around the house.

Block Print Postcards Kit

Level up your prints with these resources:

Bath Bomb Kit

Combine your kit supplies to explore additional DIY projects:

Journal Kit

Looking for journal inspo?

One Kit, Three Books

DM us @youmediachicago so we can share your works of art and activism!

You can also check out all our previous summer 2021 and 2020 kits we had last summer to get more inspiration.

If you want additional instructions for the kits, email teenservices@chipublib.org for more details.