Teen Summer Vacation Reads

It’s summer, which means trading in your backpacks and textbooks for endless sunshine and keeping cool with a tasty beverage and a fun book. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or taking it easy in a hammock, here are the newest and coolest titles to read this summer.

Jordan Eldeman wants to enjoy a drama-free summer relaxing, NOT dating. In Summer Nights and Meteorites, her carefree plans are derailed when she meets and falls in love with her father’s research assistant, a local astronomer who shows her what can happen when the stars align.

If you feel invisible, rest assured that you’re not alone. Seventeen-year-old Callie and her best friends Talia and Cleo know this feeling all too well. In These Bodies Between Us, the trio is fed up with their nagging parents, bad boyfriends, and the insecurity that comes with being a teenager. Their bond strengthens as they decide to become social outcasts with a peculiar new face.

Summer is more than a season of relaxation. It often serves as one where you can make a fresh start. This is a lesson learned by Lucy, the free-spirited protagonist of The Summer After You and Me of You and Me. A Jersey girl through and through, Lucy spends her summers surfing, surfing, and sunbathing with her friends. However, her carefree routine is disrupted due to Superstorm Sandy, which ruins the Jersey Shore but sparks a relationship with her crush, Conor Malloy. For Lucy, she won’t just see fireworks, she’ll feel them too.

For Paige, spending summers at Clearwater Ridge is better than Disneyland. However, she won’t spend her summers basking in the sun or partying with friends. The exciting thriller The Summer She Went Missing sees Paige embarking on a journey to find her best friend Aubrey, who has been missing since last summer. In between finding Aubrey, she also has to juggle the affections of Aubrey’s brother Dylan. 

There’s nothing like summer camp! Bonfires, kayaking, eating s’mores, and spending time with your childhood rival. Fun, right? It turns out to be anything but for Juliette and Priya, two sworn enemies who struggle to find common ground in the funny romantic comedy Wish You Weren't Here. At Fogridge Sleepaway Camp, Juliette simply wants to spend her summer having fun, but with Priya as her cabin mate, the dueling duo finds that they aren’t so different. 

What summer-themed books take you on vacation? Let us know in the comments below.