Dance the Night Away: Prom Picks

Limos, corsages and slow dances galore! It’s prom season, which means matching dresses, tuxedos and smiling for photos. However, for some teens, prom can be a journey of fun and even self-discovery. In celebration of this fanfare-filled season, let’s take a look at some of the most prom-themed titles.

How do I loathe prom? Let me count the ways. In the romantic comedy 10 Things I Hate About Prom, Ivelisse and Joaquin are more than next-door neighbors - they are best friends too. Joaquin is friendly and lovable, and that's why it hurts Ivelisse to see him prom-pose to Tessa Hernandez, who stole her boyfriend last year. Ivelisse will do anything to make Joaquin’s prom dreams come true, even if it breaks her heart.

Generational curses are real. Or are they? The page-turning multi-generational novel Prom Babies explores the lives of three teenagers, Mina, Penny and Sheryl, who all unexpectedly become pregnant during their prom. Years later, their children Blossom, Amber and Cole are preparing for prom, but not without challenges such as peer pressure and gendered dress codes. Will they enjoy prom or repeat their parents' mistakes?

Do you believe in fairy tales? Stella Griffin certainly doesn’t. In Promchanted, she gets more than a fairy tale ending. After being dumped by her boyfriend, she wants to skip prom and go to Disneyland with her best friend Nisha and Reese, her sworn enemy. However, when they push through a mysterious door that takes them into an actual fairy tale, the duo must set aside their differences to return home.

Will you go to prom with me? Don’t ask Autumn Reeves, she’s too busy getting into her dream school. In Promposal, she decides that to stand out, she must become the Promposal Queen, helping her classmates with their proposals. When she joins an entrepreneur's group, she works closely with Mehki, a handsome playboy who was her first kiss. With Autumn's dreams on the line, she must face long-buried secrets and lingering feelings to achieve her goals.

Prom is a time for celebration. For Harriet Douglas, it's turned into a revolution. The witty and sharp novel Your Plantation Prom Is Not Okay sees Harriet using the power of social media to cancel both an Antebellum-themed wedding and a prom on a plantation. However, this isn't her only challenge, as she's secretly in love with her childhood best friend, who has returned after years away.

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