Teen Sound Off Projects: Websites to Use with Our Grab and Go Kits

Want to get creative at home? Every CPL location has a limited number of grab and go kits for you to take home to help you complete your Sound Off Pick 4 card.

Art can be a great stepping stone into activism. Check out community artist Kate DeCiccio for some inspiration or learn about political art and its history. Then get started with these kit ideas. Can't make it in to your local branch? You can replicate most of the kits with items around the house.

Journal Kit

Want to express how you’re feeling and what you’re doing during this time? Use time stuck at home to record your experiences in a journal.

Water Color Kit

Water colors are a great way to unleash your inner artist. Find tips and tricks with these links:

Gaming Kit

Learn to play some classic card games with these links:

Scratch Art

The possibilities for expression are endless with scratch art. Use it to create protest signs or works of art.

Origami Kit

Origami is a great way to create works of art with just paper and time (and patience).

Tag what you make with #SoundOff or DM us @youmediachicago so we can share your works of art and activism!

If you want additional instructions for the kits, email teenservices@chipublib.org for more details.