Resistance or Dark Side? Star Wars Activities for Kids

If your house is anything like mine, the Star Wars universe is not just a hobby, it's a passion. Whether you're on the side of the Resistance or loyal to the Dark Side, the force is strong in all of you. To prepare for Star Wars Day on May the Fourth, gather your forces and try one or more of these fun activities. May the Force be with you, always.

Any good pilot needs transportation. If you fight with the Resistance, take some extra paper rolls and create this X-wing fighter. If you're a little more adventurous, try your hand at the Millennium Falcon. For those loyal to the Dark Side, try this origami TIE fighter.

Both the Jedi and Sith use lightsabers to defend themselves. Choose between a paper lightsaber or pool noodle lightsaber, and complete your training by creating your own.

Become one with the Force by transforming into Jedi Master Yoda with this printable Yoda mask. Older kids can make a stormtrooper helmet out of milk cartons.

Both the Resistance and the Empire use droids to help their sides. Recycle some old cans by making these droid wind chimes.

Create your favorite character from The Rise of Skywalker with these cute "roll out" figures.

For even more fun activities, including coloring sheets, games, mazes and writing prompts for older kids, try Fun Activities for Young Jedi.

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So, are you Resistance or Dark Side? Let us know in the comments!