5 to Read After The Wild Robot

Do you love robots? Whether they are just for fun or to help get jobs done, robots are here to stay. Though the robots of today may not have a lot of personality, robots are becoming more lifelike every year. Can you image what a robot would do if they found themselves on an island with no other robots or humans to interact with? That's what happens to Roz in The Wild Robot. If you haven't read this book, or its sequel, The Wild Robot Escapes, you are in for a funny, emotional adventure. If you have read them and are looking for even more robotic books, try one of these five machine-filled tales.

What would you do if the new student at your school was a robot? When Fuzzy starts at Vanguard One Middle School as part of the Robot Integration Program, not many people are happy about it. Except Max who just loves robots! Together Max and Fuzzy might just find a way to survive middle school. 

The DATA Set is on the case when the Robots Rule the School. Science class has never been more dangerous or hilarious!

In Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute, crime fighting Lunch Lady and her side-kick Betty discover a plot to make all the teachers robots. This side-splitting graphic novel makes for fine lunchtime reading.

The first book in the Frank Einstein series, Frank Einstein and the Antimatter Motor, introduces Frank, genius and inventor, and Klink and Klank, his robotic creations. Together they fight again Frank's evil classmate, T. Edison and his plans to destroy the world.

Have you ever wondered what robots dream about? Find out in Robot Dreams, the nearly wordless graphic novel about true friendship.