Summer Fun with Science Fiction

Hey kids! You've been learning cool things about space science all summer, but did you ever stop to think about how science and science fiction are related? Why not sit back, relax and enjoy these sci-fi stories before summer is over.

We've all known some weird kids in school, but probably none like Bob and Jennifer in Spaceheadz. Their mission is to recruit 3.4 million kids into their movement or Earth will be switched off. Obsessed with products and speaking in TV slogans, the Spacheadz reveal just how silly we Earthlings can be.

What would you do if your friend was abducted by an alien and taken to a distant planet? With the help of a giant mouse, odd blobs and robots and a mysterious piper, Zita the Spacegirl bravely works to stop Joseph from being sacrificed by the Scriptorians.

Among the Hidden is an early entry into the now popular genre of dystopian science fiction. In a futuristic, overpopulated society where families are limited to two children, Luke, an illegal third child, must be kept in hiding. Isolated all his life, Luke is about to find a network of other "shadow children" who are ready to challenge their world.

Grab a good book and travel out of this world!