Chilling Stories for Chilly Nights: Folktales for Kids

Hey, kids! While there's still a chill in the air, why not send a chill down your spine? Chase away the last of winter's chills with these hair-raising stories guaranteed to give you goosebumps.

The Tailypo: After a hunter cuts off a strange varmint's tale and eats it, he is visited by its ghost. Learn the response to the eerie refrain "Where's my tailypo?" as well as where many modern tales like The Big Toe come from by checking out this classic story.

Baba Yaga: The legendary witch who lives in a cabin with chicken's feet still has the power to frighten. With a mouth full of sharp teeth and a fence made of bones, Baba Yaga is set to have the young girl Marina for dinner. Find out whether she is able to escape, and how, in this suspenseful version of an old Russian folktale.

Lucy Dove: What happens when a brave seamstress takes up a challenge to sew a pair of lucky trousers in a haunted graveyard? Lucy Dove may try her best to hide it, but she's scared when a horrible "bogle" comes out of its tomb while she's stitching. Read this adventure from Celtic folklore to find out how she keeps her calm and uses her wits against the terrifying creature.

Chilly days won't last much longer, so grab one of these scary stories and shiver under your favorite blanket while you can still hear a howling wind.