Science Fiction for School-Age Kids

Science fiction (or sci-fi for short) is one of my favorite genres. It lets me imagine new worlds and look at my own world in a new way. If you love sci-fi too, try one of these titles especially for school-age kids.

Sal Vidón has a secret: He can reach across dimensions and pull objects from other universes, everything from a raw chicken placed in a bully’s locker to his mami muerta (dead mom). But in the process, he’s ripping holes in the universe…and they're getting bigger. Despite the high stakes, Sal and Gabi Break the Universe has lots of humor—my favorite part is the sassy, talking “entropy sweeper” machine.  

The good news: After the destruction of Earth, humans have found another planet to live on. The bad news: The Zhuri already live there—and they’re not fans of humans.
We're Not From Here turns the typical alien-invasion story on its head by asking, “What if humans were the aliens instead?” It also makes readers think about real-world issues, like attitudes toward refugees.  

There are a bunch of survival stories out there. But how about a survival story starring a robot? When she’s stranded on a deserted island, Roz the robot must assemble herself and make friends with the island’s skeptical wildlife. For a book about a robot, The Wild Robot gets surprisingly emotional. 

After a tragedy, Elodee’s family moves to Eventown for a “fresh start.” In Eventown, the sun always shines, Elodee’s baking always comes out right and nobody is ever sad. It’s perfect…right? Fans of The Giver will love this book.

What's your favorite sci-fi book?