Quiz: How Well Do You Know Superheroes?

Chicago's kids are busy becoming superheroes during this year's Summer Learning Challenge, but superheroes aren't just for kids. How well do you know these classic superheroes? Take our quiz to find out.

Which superhero trilogy was filmed in Chicago?
In which back-to-back years did Superman and Batman debut?
Which Marvel superhero is from the fictional country Wakanda?
Which of these characters has never been in the Justice League?
Which superhero's civilian name is Diana?
Which famous wrestler has a role in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies?
Which superhero once starred in a story in which he killed all the superheroes in the Marvel Universe?
What's the highest-grossing superhero movie to date at $1.5 billion?
What's the name of the artificial intelligence that runs Iron Man’s suit in the Marvel movies?
Which DC Universe city does the Flash live in?
Which Marvel hero does NOT have a show on Netflix?
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