5 Articles: How Kindness Helps Us All

As we keep trudging through this difficult year, World Kindness Day on November 13 is a reminder of the bright spots all around us. These articles explore how acts of kindness draw us closer to each other and boost our own sense of worth. 

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"Yes, There Is Goodness to Be Found Even in These Dark Days. Its Name Is Kindness." by Steven Petrow
The Washington Post, June 5, 2020
Petrow describes inspiring acts of kindness from across the country and examines how kindness makes a difference in our lives. He writes, "Kindness toward others—even ourselves—has been shown to help balance seesawing emotions, which we all have these days, and even possibly improve some health outcomes."

"Perfect Strangers: Philly Acts of Kindness" by Stephanie Farr
The Philadelphia Inquirer, August 23, 2020
Full of despair over all that's happened this year, Farr turned to social media to find stories of inspiring interactions between strangers. This article compiles acts of service, generosity and affirmation, with Farr writing, "May they serve as a reminder to all of us how one simple act of kindness can reverberate throughout a lifetime." Want to feel even more uplifted? Read "Philly Acts of Kindness, Part 2 of 2."

"In Difficult Times, A Surprise Bestseller About Kindness Is Bringing People Together: This Year’s Must-Read Book Offers Lasting Lessons on Kindness." by Nora Krug
The Washington Post, January 14, 2020
South London artist Charlie Mackesy's graphic novel The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse follows a lonely boy who finds companionship walking through the countryside. The new friends talk through some big questions, with this article comparing the book to The Tao of Pooh and The Giving Tree. The book has found readers around the world, including celebrities, but Mackesy maintains its success is the loving responses he's received.

"Black Players Continued a Mentoring Tradition Amid a Pandemic" by James Wagner
The New York Times, October 23, 2020
The number of African American players has declined in Major League Baseball over the past several decades, but recently retired outfielder Curtis Granderson and others leading the Players Alliance, a nonprofit formed after the killing of George Floyd, have found new ways—including texts, social media and Zoom—to carry on a tradition of offering support to new players.

"Sebbie's Ton Good! Caring Teen Completes 100 Acts of Kindness in Just 10 Days" by Daniel Newbould
The Tamworth (United Kingdom) Herald, June 25, 2020
A teen with learning and speech difficulties finds purpose and an increased sense of worth by performing a hundred different acts of kindness or service for a hundred different people. Looking for new ways reach out in kindness or service? The article lists all the ways Sebbie helped others, from making a "feel better" basket for someone who was sick to donating dog food to an animal shelter.