Quiz: Do You Know Chicago Parks? Part 2

You had so much fun with our first quiz about the Chicago Park District that we developed another one to test your knowledge of Chicago's amazing parks.

Feeling stumped? You can learn the answers to all of these questions by researching in the archives about the Chicago Park District and other green spaces around the city

The large, domed building at the north end of Jackson Park has served as all of the following except:
Soldier Field has been the venue for which of the following events:
The exterior of Garfield Park Conservatory is designed to look like:
The first animals at Lincoln Park Zoo were:
Chicago’s lakefront as we know it today was largely created by filling in Lake Michigan to create new parkland. All of the following were used to fill in the water except:
Park fieldhouses were first established in Chicago to provide all of the following services except:
In the late 1930s, the Park District fieldhouses established libraries that loaned out what type of item:
Chicago’s lakefront has hosted a number of events throughout the city’s history. Which did NOT occur on the lakefront:
Famed architect and city planner Daniel Burnham’s work made quite an imprint on Chicago. What name was given to the style or movement he began?
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