Nature’s Architects: Birds

Wow! Birds use that to make their homes!? Have you ever seen a bird construct its nest? Birds are little architects that use their environment to make their homes. Librarian Susana from Chicago Lawn Branch suggests some books and crafts that feature birds.

Did you know not all birds build the same kinds of nests? Explore different kinds of birds' nests in Mama Built a Little Nest. Find out which materials different birds use for construction and the many places nests are built in fun, rhyming text.

Follow a pair of robins building their nest in Nesting. From the appearance of their light blue eggs, life in the nest becomes an adventure, as the parents must protect their babies and help them grow.

Enjoy the bilingual audiobook About Birds, which explores different birds, including what they eat, where they live and why they build nests.

Discover how much work is involved in creating a nest that is safe, strong and comfortable as Bird Builds a Nest. Author and biologist Martin Jenkins provides clear information in a fun read-aloud format.

In Robyn Boid: Architect, a little bird decides to go to school to learn how to build the perfect nest.

Ready to try some fun bird activities?

Make your own nest, with birds included, to display at home. If you don’t have any colored paper at home, just color the sheets you have. For even more fun, try some of the recommended extensions, like going on a bird hunt!

Create birds in their nest using household items. Paper can be substituted for the paper plates; instead of tissue paper, you could use facial tissue or napkins.

Enjoy this ornate dove coloring page from Crayola. (Cartoon characters are also available.)

Reflect on Your Learning

  • Take a walk outside and search for some bird's nests. If you were a bird, what materials would you use for your nest?
  • Would you like to live up in a tree? Why or why not?