Use Your Senses, Explore Your World

I love exploring Chicago using my five senses! I see, hear, smell, taste and feel so much here in our city, especially in the summer. Every morning I hear the sound of the 'L' train rushing by my window. When I go outside, I feel the breeze from the wind. I love to see all the people in my neighborhood out for walks. I especially love taking a walk at dinnertime, when I can smell all the delicious foods everyone cooks! Those smells make me hungry for my favorite Chicago taste—deep dish pizza!  

Take a look at some of these great books exploring your five senses.

Can you hear a pickle? Yes—when you crunch into one! Read I Hear A Pickle to explore how the five senses are around us all the time!

Join me and use your Senses in the City with beautiful photographs of a special day full of beautiful skyscrapers and tasty treats.

Sometimes we're too busy to explore the world with our senses. In Blackout, a sudden power outage helps a family slow down and enjoy the world around them.

You can use your five senses to explore your home and your community. Visit your neighborhood library to sign up for the Summer Learning Challenge and pick up your Little Explorer's Guide, which includes an activity exploring your five senses.

Take a Nature Walk

Try using your sense of touch on a nature walk:

  • First, get some paper and crayons. 
  • Then, look for objects that have different textures. You can explore around your home our outside. Try the floor, the refrigerator, a tree or the side of a building. 
  • Next, use paper and crayon to make a rubbing of each object. You can do this by placing the paper over the object and rubbing it with the side of a crayon.
  • Describe how the objects feels. Did you find anything smooth? Rough? Bumpy? Grainy?

Listen to a Song

Use your ears to listen to this fun song from PBS kids about the five senses.  

Write a Poem

Try writing or drawing a poem about Chicago inspired by your five senses:

  • Chicago looks like…
  • Chicago smells like…
  • Chicago tastes like…
  • Chicago sounds like…
  • Chicago feels like…

Replace "Chicago" with a different topic to write a new poem!

Reflect on Your Learning

  • What was the most interesting thing you discovered using your five senses?
  • Do you have a favorite sense? Which one is it and why?