Celebrate Non-Binary Awareness Day with Picture Books

You've likely heard of any number of visibility days. On July 14, join us in celebrating Non-Binary Awareness Day! Being non-binary means that you don't feel comfortable identifying as male or female. Maybe you're a little of both or a lot of neither, or somewhere completely in the middle: either way, these books all celebrate that unique identity!

In Hold That Thought!, Finn wakes up with an idea swirling around their brain. It grows larger and larger, and inspires their friends to help shape it into something even more fantastic! But what happens when the school bully doesn't like how Finn's idea looks? Will they be able to keep it from shrinking away all together?

Ari's Uncle Lior always asks What Are your Words? when he comes to visit. Some days Ari likes she and her. Other days, Ari likes he and him. But on the day of the big party, they don't know WHAT words to use. Can Uncle Lior help Ari find the words that fit zem the best?

My Maddy isn't a Mommy or a Daddy but something in between and a little bit of both. Like the color hazel is a little bit of green and a little bit of brown but something all its own too. Follow this little girl as she finds all sorts of things that are something in between, just like her Maddy.

Sometimes choosing the "right" bathroom is harder than it looks. In Jacob's Room to Choose, Jacob and Sophie are both bullied, even when they tried to choose the bathroom that fits them the best! Soon their classmates come to the rescue and create signs that make everyone comfortable and able to choose the bathroom that makes the most sense for them.

Ho'onani doesn't feel like a wahine (girl) or a kane (boy) but rather mahu (in the middle). So when the school hula troop needs a Hula Warrior to lead the traditionally male dance, she doesn't hesitate to lead the chant. After all, she's the strongest and the loudest, so why shouldn't she?

In the Land of This or That, you must be one of two things. Yellow or blue, bunny or bird. But what happens when you're Neither?