The New South Water Market

As noted in my last post, the old South Water Street Market was inefficient, lacked regulation, and hindered plans to make the city's riverfront beautiful. Shortly after the Plan of Chicago was published, the Chicago Plan Commission waged a campaign in the courts and in the media to force merchants off the street. The Commission issued publications like […]

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South Water Street Market

The fruit and vegetable trade in Chicago may not have been lauded in poems -- Carl Sandburg called Chicago the "hog-butcher for the world" not the "pumpkin-supplier" -- But, the produce trade of the South Water Street Market was, and still is, an important center of agricultural trade and commerce. According to a history of The South Water Street Market by […]

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Maxwell Street Market Today

In my last post, we learned about the history and economic heart of the Maxwell Street Market. As a business area that served many of the cities’ marginalized populations, Maxwell Street Market became culturally significant too. Street musicians and buskers developed their own take on Chicago blues. You can hear this style on albums as […]

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Tax Time!

Yes, tax season is here. Or, perhaps, you prefer to think of it as refund season. In either case, here are some basic resources to help you file your income taxes this year. Federal Tax forms 1040, 1040A and 1040EZ remain the staples of individual income tax filing. These forms are still available at many libraries through the Tax Form […]

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Not Lost? Thank Edward Brennan

We owe our cohesive street naming and numbering system to Edward P. Brennan. Brennan was the chairman of the City Club of Chicago's Committee on Street Names. His vision included three changes: The house and building numbering system should tell you where you are relative to the Loop. Streets should be named the same throughout […]

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