Where Are Your Gods Now?

Nothing makes for drama like tales of old, mad gods. We can reread our mythology books as much as we want, but then again, it's much more fun to think up what these gods would do if they were around today. Bacchus is a graphic novel collection by Eddie Campbell, who worked on From Hell with Alan Moore. […]

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Marilyn Singer Q&A

Get to know April's Author of the Month, Marilyn Singer, as she talks about the inspiration behind her latest book, Echo Echo, reverso poetry and which Greek god she would be for a day. Where did you get your idea for this book? I’ve written three books of reverso poetry.  A reverso is one poem with […]

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Author of the Month Rick Riordan

Go on a journey to an ancient land to fight a common foe in The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan, October’s Author of the Month. The seven demigods are finally together and traveling to Rome to fulfill the prophecy and close the Doors of Death. Along the way they encounter love-sick nymphs, twin giants, schizophrenic […]

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