Mythology Must Reads for Teens

What is it about myths and legends we find so fascinating? Is it the connection to another time? The grand promises of eternal love and power? The chance to add our own twist? Whatever the reason, we continue to tell and retell these stories, often placing the timeless characters into new situations and identities. 

Princess Shiori returns for a second adventure in this series that mixes Eastern and Western folklore in The Dragon's Promise. Shiori has made a vow to return a powerful magic item, the dragon’s pearl, to its rightful owner. This is no easy task, requiring her to venture into the kingdom of dragons where she is threatened by politics, thieves and the pearl itself. 

Every seven years, nine Greek gods are forced to walk the modern world as mortals in Lore. They are pursued by warriors who hope to kill them and seize godhood for themselves. Lore tried to leave all that behind when her family was murdered by rivals. But as a new hunt begins in New York City, a wounded goddess offers Lore an alliance. Lore has a chance at revenge and freedom, but it may come at a terrible cost. 

Never Look Back tells the tale of Orpheus and Eurydices in the Bronx in this modern Latinx retelling. Eury has lost everything in Puerto Rico when a sinister spirit brought a hurricane down on her. While visiting the Bronx, she meets Pheus, a young bachata musician who wants to know everything about her. Can she trust Pheus with her secret? What will he do when this possessive spirit comes to drag Eury to the underworld forever?  

The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea is a vivid retelling of the Korean myth "The Tale of Shim Cheong," following 16-year-old Mina into the underworld after she is sacrificed to the Sea God. She finds herself tied to the god, who is locked in a cursed sleep. She must navigate this strange and treacherous new realm to wake the god and save her village.

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