Author of the Month Marilyn Singer

a magical world
created long ago.

Created long ago,
a magical world

Flip your idea of poetry and Greek myths upside down with award-winning author, poet, inventor of reverso poetry and April's Author of the Month, Marilyn Singer. In her third book of reverso poetry, Echo Echo, Singer breathes new life into 12 familiar myths of god, goddesses and mortals from ancient Greece.

Questions and Activities

  • A reverso poem takes the same words and flips them. Try to write your own reverso poem or take one of your favorite poems and make a reverso of it. Remember to change the punctuation and capitalization to change the meaning.
  • For a twist on the classic fairy tales, try Singer's other books of reverso poetry, Mirror Mirror and Follow Follow. Or try one of her other poetry collections.
  • Find out even more about these ancient Greek myths in D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths or Edith Hamilton's Mythology.
  • Theseus had to escape being eaten by the Minotaur by finding his way out of the labyrinth. Create your own maze and challenge your friends to find their way out.
  • The illustrations in Echo Echo are also mirror images. Take one of your favorite pictures and draw its mirror image.

Learn more about this month's Author of the Month in our Q&A with Singer about her writing process.

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