Celebrating Author Rick Riordan and Mythology

Happy Birthday to author Rick Riordan in June!

Fans of Rick Riordan's humorous, action-packed fantasies will be thrilled to know there's a world of books named "Rick Riordan Presents" which the author helps select. He particularly tries to feature authors with diverse cultures and backgrounds so you can explore all types of mythologies.

The Spirit Glass introduces Filipino mythology through a young girl named Corazon, who's training as a mystical healer and spirit guide with her aunt Tina when something precious is stolen and she must restore the balance between the human and spirit world.

Dawn of the Jaguar is the last of a Maya-inspired duology about Ren (aka Renata) being pursued by evil Aztec lords, negotiations in the underworld and more. The Lords of Night is the first Shadow Bruja novel.

Dragon Pearl introduces Korean mythology and young Min, a Fox Spirit forbidden by her mother to use her fox-magic and shape-shifting abilities. In search of her brother, Jun, and seeking adventure, she sets out to see much more of the Thousand Worlds than she ever anticipated.

Serwa Boateng's Guide to Vampire Hunting explores Ghanian mythology as Serwa, the best adze (aka vampire) slayer her age, faces never-ending dangers with shape-shifting vampires masked as fireflies.

There are many more Rick Riordan Presents books with elements of mythology and folklore that are worth checking out when you're looking for your next page-turner!