Resolve to Eat from Your Garden This Year

garden vegetables

It’s the time of year where we make resolutions to try new things in the coming 365 days. As we explore the theme “Eat, Think, Grow” this One Book, One Chicago season, we’re thinking about food-related resolutions. This year’s book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, tells the story of Barbara Kingsolver and her family as they resolve to […]

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Growing Native

Purple Coneflower

Despite being a big city, Chicago is home to many types of natural areas from prairie grasslands and woods to wetlands and dunes, and since the days of the renowned Jens Jensen, the city has had an interest in promoting native biodiversity. This means that throughout our parks and nature areas you can find plants native to our […]

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Mount Greenwood Garden Club Holds Sale

featured image

The landscape surrounding the library is maintained and provided by the Mount Greenwood Garden Club.  Help support our award-winning garden at the annual flower sale, all orders must be in by Sunday, May 4. For more information and to place a flower order, check out the flower order form. If you are interested in joining the club, meetings […]

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Curse of the Black Thumb

Houseplant in window

We begin with the noblest of intentions. We buy packets of seeds and good potting soil. We plant. We water. We fertilize. We carefully position for maximum sunlight. And then we watch a variety of our green leafy plants die a slow, tragic death. Take a deep breath. Look hard at your thumb. Is it as dark as the over-watered […]

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Participate in Roseland’s Community Garden

How does this garden grow? With your help! The Cooperation Operation's community garden, located at 114th Street and Langley Avenue, brings fresh, organic produce to the Roseland neighborhood. With winter approaching, gardening has slowed, but greenhouses are still producing a harvest. Anyone is welcome to volunteer and participate. For more information, contact the Cooperation Operation: The […]

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