Check Out the Teens’ Rooftop Garden at Legler Branch

On the second floor at Chicago Public Library's Legler Branch, not only is there an incredible YOUmedia space for teens to hang out, explore their interests, create digital content (music, podcasts), play games, etc., but there's an outdoor balcony.

Through mentorship, field trips and hands-on experiences, teens at Legler have built a brand new rooftop garden on the balcony this summer! Teen Librarian Jaime B. and Jackie Smith, Founder of Growasis Urban Garden Consulting, Inc. worked together with the community teens to create this green space and are learning about how to maintain it. Jackie's goal through Growasis is to empower teens in Chicago to grow and secure their own food.

Aside from building urban gardening skills, teens are also working with Jaime with photo and video equipment to capture their garden, and nature around the neighborhood. Their hope is to create a podcast/video journal of their summer experience, to be showcased at the branch at the end of the summer. Anajah W., Age 16, shared that "I really don't like getting dirty, but I wanted to try something new and see if I would like it." Since putting together the plant holders and planting as well as learning how to care for the plants, Anajah said she's been checking on them every day. She's loved the experience and feels she enhanced it for others by supporting their creativity.

Find out how you can get involved in teen programs at Legler by checking our CPL website events calendar here.

Legler Branch is a recipient of a 2018 Teen Summer Challenge: Imagine Doing More! mini-grant made possible through the Chicago Public Library Foundation. #ImagineAtCPL #CPLTeens #NoSmallPlans