Teen Voices: Luis, Cuauhtli, Leonela, Gracie and Isabella

At Lozano Branch YOUmedia, several teens are collaborating together on a project to improve their social-emotional environment as part of Imagine Doing More!, the 2018 CPL Teen Summer Challenge. They are working closely with mentor Vivian A. to create a story, as reported in a June news story.

Luis explained, "We are playing a game called Pathfinder," in which they punish "people who steal for their priest" and there are "hideous, disgusting sea creatures." They plan to publish their top-secret plans in a book. They are creating a story from their table top game, Cuauhtli reported.

Gracie added, "Last week when we played our first round of Pathfinder, we started the basis of our story that was filled with peril, twists and turns and silly moments. My inspiration comes from my own personality and from reading other intriguing tales. We will be using our creativity and logic skills to come up with a well thought out story."

Leonela shared, "Working together is an important way to help develop strength with in the game [and] to come up with strategies and creative thinking, developing more fearless actions and brave battle actions during fighting against enemies."

Isabella elaborated that the goal "is to promote Pathfinder and give people more knowledge of it." Their story will "give people ideas of what they can do, how the game is played out and what goes on in the game," but also help people understand that this game supports creativity, collaboration and storytelling.

Isabella was excited to create the cover for the book they're curating. "A cover is supposed to show what happens in the story and give the readers something that seems interesting. It also needs to give them something interesting to draw people in." Her image will be a hand with a wedding ring, with a swirling background, to give it an edgy, hypnotic look. Her inspiration for the image came from her early experience with Pathfinder, in which she sought a wedding ring that possessed people who weren't the owner. 

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