Teen Voices: Photographer Gabriela C., Age 17

Gabriela C.'s from the Independence Branch is a seventeen year-old artist who will be a senior at Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center and she is serious about photography.

Gabriela not only likes taking photos of nature, architecture, family and friends, but she also loves to find beauty in her city, Chicago. Varying the subject, background and focus, Gabriela has been able to play with her compositions by alter the focus of the viewers, as she did in her photos shared here, including a sculpture in her neighborhood and a table in the park. She also has a unique collection of photos featuring family tattoos, stating "I wanted to show that tattoos are art and they are a way for everyday people to express themselves." They are not just for gangs or incarcerated people; my family has a lot of tattoos and each one has a significant meaning to them." 

Gabriela's work is featured in our Imagine Doing More! teen booklet; as she agreed to share the work she created for the Teen Winter Challenge. Check out teen art from the Teen Winter Challenge in person at the Born to Create exhibit now through October in the Harold Washington Library Center third floor gallery.

You too can make a positive change to your Chicago environment this summer! #ImagineAtCPL #CPLTeens