Teen Voices: Photographer Ashlyn G.

A patron of the Toman Branch, Ashlyn G., Age 17, graduated from Infinity High School in June. She was one of several talented artists to submit a digital art portfolio and artist statement for the 2017-18 Chicago Public Library Teen Winter Challenge

Ashlyn explained, "My artwork is about framing people, but not showing their face. This is important because we need to see people and look at them a little closer." Her goal is to catch your interest and make you guess what the rest of a person's face might look like. "I want the picture to say so much with a small amount of information."

We were thrilled to have Ashlyn support our Teen Summer Challenge: Imagine Doing More! by allowing us to share another one of her photos with you (see page 4). Also, don't forget to share your creations and summer story with us to be featured on Teen Voices! #CPLTeens #ImagineAtCPL

Finally, don't miss some of the awesome opportunities to meet peers while building *your* creative and STEM skills at the upcoming teen programs at Toman Branch this summer!