Teen Voices: Featuring Sustainability Hack Team

Each month we spotlight a teen at CPL. This month we're spotlighting the Sustainability Hack Team.

In preparation of smart meters coming to every home, HWLC YOUmedia teens worked with YOUmedia Mentor Daniel to investigate the current electric grid by assessing the current needs, alternative energy systems, smart grid tools and how they can apply energy efficiency strategies into the HWLC YOUmedia space. Teens also designed a design challenge for the public to participate in so they can redesign their public space, whether it's a library, classroom or somewhere else, to be energy efficient in preparation of smart meters.

Let's meet the team!

Q: What's your favorite library program and what do you like about it?

Cesar: 3D printing because I like that I can make things.

Robert: Library of Games. I like to make podcasts.

Alex: NaNoWriMo because of the coffee, donuts and writing atmosphere.

Ashley: Library of Games! I just love talking about video games.

Swann: Library of Games. I like to make podcasts, too.

Q: What are your hobbies?

Cesar: Reading comics, playing video games, debate, electronics and cooking.

Robert: Developing video games and playing them.

Alex: Gaming and history.

Ashley: Reading comics, playing ds games, watching movies and TV shows, practicing my violin and working on music theory.

Swann: Technology, cooking and swimming.

Q: How is the library a part of your life? What do you like to do here?

Cesar: The library has helped me with homework and I get to connect with people. I like to play games, too.

Robert: I love playing video games with people I don't know and then suddenly become friends with them. Ever since I have adapted to the YOUmedia environment, it has felt like home to me.

Alex: I spend a lot of after school time talking to mentors and working on projects. I like engaging in whatever's available and expanding on my hobbies.

Ashley: The library is a place I can go to learn, make new friends and feel safe in downtown.

Swann: It helps me learn information and I like to talk and have fun here.

Thanks to all for sharing a little bit about yourselves. We look forward to seeing you next time!