Experiment with Technology on Digital Learning Day

Do you love technology? Do you love learning? Then Digital Learning Day, Wednesday, February 17, was made just for you! CPL has many great digital resources available for kids and teens to experiment with technology and learn coding.

Check out a Launchpad tablet loaded with vetted curriculum- and thematic-based apps for kids 3 and up. There are 30 different titles available, including in Spanish, with everything from world languages and math instruction to dinosaurs and princesses.

Or try your hand at coding with a Finch Robot. Users 8 and up will learn the basic concepts of coding and be able to program the robot to do various functions with downloadable software from finchrobot.com.

A few locations are hosting events for teens who want to experiment with technology.

Digital Learning Day is also a great day for everyone to learn how to stay safe online. Challenge your online security skills in the Cybersecurity Lab.