Mayor Fred A. Busse Inaugural Address, 1907

Fred A. Busse Biography

Inauguration date: April 15, 1907

This speech is recorded as it first appeared in print. Archaic spelling and misspellings in the original document have not been corrected.

Editor’s note: The following address was submitted in writing to the City Clerk, who read it at the inaugural meeting of the City Council.

To the Honorable, the City Council:

Gentlemen—In assuming to-night the office of Mayor, to which I have been elected, I am impressed by the responsibility which will devolve upon me as Chief Executive of this great city during the ensuing four years. I also appreciate to the fullest degree the honor of being Mayor of Chicago.

The sacrifices the incumbent of this office is called upon to make and the responsibility and labor he is called upon to assume are fully repaid by that honor.

The Mayor and the City Council represent co-ordinate branches of the City Government, which should be brought into close relationship with one another. In no other way can the best results in City Government be obtained.

It is my desire to work with and in harmony with the members of the City Council, and to avail myself of their counsel and assistance.

You and I have received our commissions as public officials from the same source. It is our duty to work together all the time in the public interest. Irrespective of party, we are interested in the development of a Greater Chicago. To the achievement of this task I shall give the best that is in me, and in the name of all the people of Chicago I ask your co-operation.


Fred A. Busse, Mayor


  • Chicago City Council. Journal of the Proceedings, April 15, 1907, p. 49.
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