Mayor Fred A. Busse Biography

Fred A. Busse photo
Chicago. Dept. of Public Works. Annual Report. 1907.

Mayor of Chicago, 1907-1911

  • Republican Party
  • Elected 39th mayor of Chicago April 2, 1907; defeated William A. Brubaker (Prohibition), Edward F. Dunne (Democrat) and George Koop (Socialist)
  • Inauguration: April 15, 1907
  • First mayor to serve four-year term, second Chicago-born mayor


  • Born March 3, 1866 in Chicago
  • His father, Gustave Busse, was a captain for the Union in the Civil War.
  • President of Busse Coal Co.
  • Elected to Illinois State House in 1894; re-elected 1896
  • Elected to Illinois State Senate in 1898
  • Elected State Treasurer in 1902
  • President Roosevelt named him postmaster of Chicago in 1905.
  • Secretly married Miss Josephine Lee in 1908; they had no children.
  • Died July 9, 1914 in Chicago
  • Buried in Graceland Cemetery, Chicago


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