Mayor David Duvall Orr Biography

Interim mayor of Chicago, 1987

  • Democratic Party
  • Served as interim mayor (52nd mayor) from November 25 to December 2, 1987 following the death of Mayor Harold Washington. The City Council then elected Eugene Sawyer as acting mayor.
  • Inauguration: November 25, 1987


  • Born October 4, 1944 in Bloomington, Ill.
  • Married to Loretta, a nurse at Cook County Hospital; together they had four children.
  • Graduated from Simpson College, Indianola, Iowa, and Case Western University, Cleveland
  • Worked as assistant professor of history and urban affairs at Mundelein College, Chicago
  • Elected 49th Ward alderman in 1979, twice re-elected
  • Elected Cook County Clerk in1991 and still holds that office


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