We All Scream for Scream Queens

You may have heard that pledging a sorority can be murder, but on Fox's new series Scream Queens, it's actually true for some unfortunate Greek hopefuls. If you enjoyed the show's debut on September 22, now's the perfect time to study some classic horror films with to-die-for leading ladies.

It's only appropriate to start with Jamie Lee Curtis, who stars as the dean of students in Scream Queens. Curtis played Laurie, one of the horror genre's most famous characters, in 1978's Halloween. Clever enough to outsmart that creep Michael Myers and save her precious babysitting charges, Curtis created the archetype of the smart nice girl who survives in the end.

Scream, directed by recently deceased horror master Wes Craven, features another smartypants good girl, played by Neve Campbell. She knows all the scary movie rules, but can she escape the ghost-faced killer?

Perhaps the best-known murder scene of all time plays out in black and white with memorable tense music in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. And who's the unlucky gal in the shower? None other than Jamie Lee's mom, Janet Leigh. I guess sometimes scream queen status is genetic.

A nice twist on the typical "innocent girl gets chased by a pyscho killer" plot is Carrie, where Sissy Spacek uses her telekinetic powers to get revenge on the mean girls in her high school. I bet even Freddy, Jason and Michael Myers wouldn't mess with this chick.

Who's your favorite Scream Queen?


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